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VIP Service Survey - Carina(Q4)

Duration: 2017/12/26~2018/01/07
Description: VIP Service Survey - Carina(Q4)


1. Are you satisfied with the service of the GM, Carina, including her politeness, proficiency and efficiency from September 21st to December 20th? Please give her a rating. Thanks. 1) Please give a rating on her politeness. *
2) Please give a rating on her proficiency including her understanding on the problems and how she handles with/follows up the problems. *
3) Please give a rating on her efficiency(All your inquiries/problems are answered timely at her working time) *
2. Do you have any suggestions as to how she can improve her service? *
3. Please let us know who you are by providing your character name and server. *
Page. Totally

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