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Survey About EO Poker

Duration: 2019/01/23~2019/02/04
Description: Answer this survey to get the chance to win 540 EPS!


1.  How good are you at our in-game Texas poker? *
2.  Are you playing just for fun or are you trying to win the poker ranking events? *
3.  What kinds of room do you usually play in? (Bronze, Silver, Golden, Diamond, Platium) *
4.  Who would you usually play with? *
5.  Would you like to see more Poker events? Such as Poker tournament. *
6.  Which part of our poker do you like best? *
7.  Have you encountered any problem when you play our Poker? *
8.  What are your suggestions for our Poker? *
9.  What other Card Games do u play? *
10.  What is your character name and server? *
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