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[Survey] VIP Service Survey - Joie(2021.Q2)

Duration: 2021/07/01~2021/07/10
Description: None


1. Are you satisfied with the service of Joie[GM], including her politeness, proficiency and efficiency from April 1st to June 30th? Please give her a rating. Thanks. 1) Please give a rating on her politeness.
2) Please give a rating on her proficiency including her understanding on the problems and how she handles with/follows up the problems.
3) Please give a rating on her efficiency(All your inquiries/problems are answered timely at her working time)
2. Please tell us what she did to earn your satisfaction.
3. Do you have any suggestions as to how she can improve her service?
4. Please let us know who you are by providing your character name and server.
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